J.R.’s Maintenance of Rocky Mount: Custom Quality, Custom Service

Since 1999, the general contractors at J.R.’s Maintenance have designed and executed countless custom fabrications for a broad range of clients. Whatever your industry, you can count on J.R.’s Maintenance for personalized service and precise results.

At J.R.’s Maintenance, we care about relationships.

We value our team and are meticulous when it comes to their safety. Through teamwork and collaboration, we strive to create a work environment built on trust and a mutual commitment to quality service. As such, our employees are motivated to create the highest possible quality of work for our clients.

We value our clients and strive for integrity in all of our customer relations, from the quality of our product to the timeliness of our service. We carefully consider the needs of each client and work closely with them to come up with innovative solutions.

JR's Maintenance Building


Our state-of-the-art Trumpf Laser provides incredible speed and accuracy when cutting metal. With automation capabilities and a processing speed five times our usual pace, this laser deepens our capacity for serving clients and is equipping our facility for the digital future of production.
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