HVAC Systems

November, 21, 2019

At J.R.’s Maintenance, we are versatile and tenacious problem solvers. If a company or an individual comes to us with a problem that involves metalworking, chances are we can fix it. Recently, a local pharmaceutical company approached us about problems with their HVAC system. Pharmaceutical company offices and labs are...

Powder Coating

November, 21, 2019

Who has ever been excited to paint something -- a bicycle frame, an old metal table, a lamp -- and then started painting the object only to realize how messy, smelly, and imperfect the whole process is? Accidentally kick the dropcloth and drip paint on your wood floor; forget to...

Trumpf Laser

November, 18, 2019

Water and light. When we turn on our taps in the morning and open the blinds, both these simple elements appear. We encounter them so often in our daily lives that we take them for granted. But one quick glance at a picture of the Grand Canyon, carved out by...